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As a woman, our bodies can be confusing places! Our bodies are changing all the time…what we experience at 20 is very different than what we experience at 30, then 40, then 50 and so on. Each decade gives us a different challenge and trying to understand our bodies’ signals can be overwhelming and totally daunting without the proper information or guidance.

You see, even though our bodies change dramatically over the years, there is one thing women of all ages have in common: hormones.

Understanding your hormonal health is the KEY and the solution to looking and feeling your absolute best.

We live with “symptoms” thinking they are normal but I’m here to show you a different way. As a Health and Life Coach, it’s my mission to support you, guide you, teach you, and give you the answers you need to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • You don’t feel like yourself but don’t know why
  • You are gaining or losing weight for no reason
  • You can’t drop pounds
  • Feeling BLAH, unexcited, uninspired
  • PMS symptoms you don’t understand
  • Painful cramps
  • Low sex-drive
  • Feeling unattractive
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Stressed out, stretched thin
  • Confused about what to eat
  • Craving things like sugar and carbs all the time
  • Emotional swings
  • Losing hair
  • Acne

We’re often told that these are just normal female side effects of life. But, they don’t have to be! I’m here to show you a better way.

Several years ago my teenage daughter was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and she struggled with many of the symptoms listed above such as weight gain, low self-esteem, insulin resistance, cravings, etc. As a mother, I felt lost – not knowing what to do as I saw my daughter struggling.

What did we do?

We decided to start researching some of the answers to living with this syndrome together and went on a 9 month journey making changes in our lives to support her overall health. We made changes to our diets, we focused on body image, exercise, and overall loving ourselves. We also had a very supportive Pediatrician and Health Coach to help guide us along the way.


My daughter has reached a normal BMI (Body Mass Index), her hormones are in balance and her self-esteem is back with even more confidence. She has accepted her condition as she now has the tool kit to lead her though a healthy and confident life.

This experience was the catalyst for my own education, learning and desire to help others through hormonal issues.

It is now my passion to teach other women about hormonal health. I work with women of all ages who are looking to get their bodies back and live a life rich in health and happiness.

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Linda Kochiu

Linda Kochiu – Health & Life Coach